Everything Is Going Wrong Print
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:23

Have you ever thought, God where are You?
Won't the time ever come for my breakthrough?
It seems it has been forever, Even the answer seems to be never.
Many are waiting for an answer to their prayer, And of Your presence they are unaware.
Why Lord do You wait so long?
When everything is going wrong.
I sought You, yet I have not heard from You.
Why do You delay? I did all I know to do.
I cry out, things are so bad,
How long since some peaceful days I have had?
Come Lord and peace give to me, Speak and I will change whatever needs to be.
Just show me what I must do.
Gladly I will obey You.
Why do my thoughts run wild when Your not near?
Why do I wonder what is wrong when Your not here?
If anything in my life that grieves You, remove, So the things I do and say You will approve.
Right now Lord there are things I need to know, No one else has the answer to whom I can go.
Only on You can I rely.
So, I will wait for Your reply.
Lord forgive me when I complain, And from words of doubt refrain.
To serve You with all my heart is my quest.
Then I know You will take care of all the rest.