Nine-One-One Print
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:51

Lord, I pray for America in its time of grief and pain.
Will the hurt ever go away and things be normal again?
Reach down with your healing touch;
And peace give to those that have been through so much.
I pray for our leaders, for the decisions they need to make; To look to You in what steps they need to take.
To make the right decisions in time of peace and war; On what to do about what took place on our shore.
Lord, You know what happened on nine-one-one.
You saw the terrible act that was done.
Give our leaders wisdom to know what to do.
For wisdom, it is You, we must turn to.
We pray for those who lost husbands, children, wives.
For no reason so many lost their lives.
Bless those that came to help from all over the U.S.A.
For them I also pray.
Serving You is what America is all about.
In all our decisions You must not be left out.
America Lord, was founded on You.
We must trust in You, to know what to do.
Father, bless America as we fight terror.
And forgive us; we are not always above error.
Nine-one-one is a day we will long remember.
It happened the eleventh day of September.
Lord, it was You that made America great.
Could that be the reason, against us, is so much hate?
One nation, under God, is why America stands.
If it wasn't for You, we would just be like other lands.