Is Life Worth Living Print
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:44

Lord, at times it seems You do not care, And it can sure give us a scare.
When we pray, at times we think You do not hear, Sometimes these things can lead to fear.
Why at times all alone do we feel,
Come, touch us with Your tender hand and heal.
Won't You come and speak, won't You come today?
You always have the right answer; You know just what to say.
Has life for you been so unforgiving,
That taking your own life is far better than living?
Believe me it is not,
Christ loves you, He cares. You mean you forgot?
As Job, many believe their hurts are from You, And it is what You want to put them through.
We know it was because of our sins that You died, Stripes were put on Your back; a spear pierced Your side.
For many all their lives it has been turmoil and pain, It is so bad they think their lives they will never regain.
Others just wish they knew which way to turn, And to find relief from their troubles they do yearn.
Hearing about the things others are going through, Christ in His own timing will always be there for you.
If you think from you God's face He has hid, Remember what Christ went through, this for you He did.
Does it seem life has chewed you up and spit you out, And there is nothing left but fear and doubt?
Come to Jesus, He is so merciful and forgiving,
He will give you a new life; then life will be worth living.