Make My Heart Pure Print
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:29

One thing I know for sure, Nothing I did would make my heart pure.
You came to this earth and died,
I couldn't free myself from sin no matter how hard I tried.
If I was burned at the stake,
All it would do is my life it would take.
That still would not profit me, Because in sin I would still be.
If I possessed all the world's wealth, And enjoyed the very best of health, It could not make my eternity sure,
Nor, make my heart pure.
If I could produce good works by the ton,
It would profit me nothing without God's Son.
If everyone's burdens I could endure, It still would not make my heart pure.
If on a cross I would have died, Still God would not be satisfied.
If I gave everything I have to help the poor, It would not make my heart pure.
My righteousness Christ knew was a fake, He still didn't write me off as a mistake.
His life He gave to make it sure,
So by His blood, my heart can be made pure.
Only Christ can change the life of a sinner, Then, in all things make you a winner.
This I have learned and know for sure, Only Christ can cleanse and make my heart pure.