So Have I Print
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Sunday, 29 June 2008 03:00

Life has sure been a rocky road,
And each day heavier becomes the load.
Have you wished your troubles would just pass you by?
Well, so have I.

Every mountain top will not have the answer for you.
Or it might not reveal what God wants you to do.
Or the valley might not reveal His will for the day.
But press on; He will meet you along the way.

This cross, Lord, is sure taking its toll.
Will I make it until I reach my goal?
I was hoping soon to hear from You.
Lord, wonít You hear my prayer too?

When lifeís storms beat down and you think you canít go on,
Lift up your voice in praise and make up your own song.
Jesus will be listening with an open ear.
Your song will be beautiful and I know He will hear.

Do your prayers seem to go unheard?
Yet, you have always prayed and trusted in His Word.
But you are not sure now which way to go.
Lord, wonít You come and let me know?

Lord, I pray I hear when You speak.
And Your will I always seek.
Even if I do complain, it is still You I long for.
And Your Holy Name I do not want to mar.

Go ahead with your song of praise.
And before Him your voice in thanksgiving raise.
Because to you salvation Christ brought.
And He was never as far away as you thought.