When Will You Visit Me Print
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:25

When will You come and visit me?
The one beside me is getting blessed You can see.
When will the time of my blessing come?
When will I get a visit from the Holy One?
I have waited so long for my visit to be, When Lord will You come and visit me?
My hearts desire has been to serve and worship Thee So come now and visit me.
I know You loved me before the world was, You died, my sins were the cause.
All this shows love is of Thee, So come and visit me.
My cares You don't come and share, My burdens You leave for me to bear.
My problems Lord, don't You see?
So when will You come and visit me?
Why my troubles alone must I face?
While from me You hold Your grace.
There is no one else to come to but Thee, So come and visit me.
You loved me more than I will ever know, Because to the cross for sin You had to go.
But right now I sure need Thee,
So won't You come now and visit me?
Lord You have always been good to me, Looking back on life I can see.
You said with me You would always be,
So why would I think You have forgotten me?