Now It Is Too Late Print
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:21

They waited for Jesus to come and heal, Why does He not come at our appeal?
He could have healed before he died, But now the wrappings have been applied.
Jesus said, Lazarus is asleep,
Let us go an appointment with him I must keep.
Then to His disciples He said, Lazarus died, I go to raise him from the dead.
Lord, Lazarus was sick he was Your friend, Now he is dead, why did his life have to end?
Why, so long did You wait?
Now it is to late.
If You came sooner my brother would not be dead, I am the resurrection Jesus said.
I know he will be raised at the last day,
He will rise today, in the grave he will not stay.
There were happy times when Jesus passed through, But today sorrow has come to this house too. Usually there was joy and a good meal to eat, Today a mission I must complete.
Jesus came to raise a friend that day,
He brought joy to their house, that was His way.
Maybe they learned something by their wait, That Jesus was right on time, He was not late.
When Jesus comes He brings joy.
When Jesus comes He gives peace.
When Jesus comes He brings healing.
When Jesus comes He gives life.