Appear In God's Court Print
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:40

One day satan, to hell you will go.
That's what God's word says, that's how I know.
You had your chance to worship God in praise. But your voice against Him you begin to raise.
You wanted all the glory and praise.
Why you weren't faithful to God, I am amazed.
You worked hard to turn people from God's way.
That was your joy, that was your heyday.
One day you will pay for what you did.
The earth of you God will rid.
You could have done what was right, But you chose to do evil with all your might.
God also gave man the choice of right and wrong. He had power to overcome, he failed, it was gone.
Satan, you will get what you deserve.
God has a place prepared, held in reserve.
After all this time, you still destroy and kill, To separate man from God and His will.
You have worked hard at what you are doing, To keep man in bondage, you keep pursuing.
You had better make use of the time you have left.
God is tired of your theft.
Remember, your time is set and it is short, And you will appear before God in His court.
One day, God will say, "Enough is enough!"
When God speaks, He does not bluff.
The time will come when it is your last day.
Because of what you did you will have to pay.