If Print
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:38

If You had not died, I could not live.
If I did not repent, You could not forgive.
If You had not come, I could not go.
If You had not shown me the way, I could not know.
If no stripes on your back, I could not be healed.
If You had not brought God's word, Heaven would not be revealed.
If You had not come, there would be no new birth.
If You had not returned, we could not be the salt of the earth.
If Jesus did not care, hell would be my home.
If Jesus did not love me, a mansion I would not own.
If Jesus had not died, I would always be a sinner.
If Jesus did not rise, I would not be a winner.
If He had not told me, truth I would not know.
If no forgiveness, mercy He could not show.
If He had not come, and preached God's word,
I would be lost, now there's no excuse, I have heard.
If there was no word, Jesus I would never know.
If He had not come, faith in my heart could not grow.
If there was no cross, I would still be in sin.
If he had not suffered, there would be no peace within.
You did come, now I rejoice in Your love.
You did come, I will be with You in Heaven above.
You did die, now I live.
You are alive, and You forgive.
All my sins You saw, You wiped clean my slate.
You gave me a new life, You changed my fate.
First you had to die, then raised from the dead.
This all happened, just as Your word said.