Vinson Christian Poems
Weariness PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:20

Be not weary in well doing we are told, Weariness in body also wants to have a hold.
Weariness just seems to creep in, It all started with Adam's sin.
As I get older weariness seems to know, But when time to leave it is slow.
Weariness sometimes just takes it's toll, But it can't keep me from reaching my goal.
Weariness is a pest and wants to come back, But God gives me strength, there is no lack.
One day weariness will have to go,
It will be banned from my life, that I know.
Weariness can sure wear you out, Satan enjoys that, that's what he is all about.
I can still come to God in those times too, He refreshes me, He knows just what to do.
Weariness has visited many in it's day, And many more it will visit before it goes away.
One day God will tell it to go, That will be a wonderful day I know.
One day weariness will no longer be, Jesus will have removed it from you and me.
That word will no longer be,
From getting old, tired, weary I will be free.
When weary in body or Spirit God helps us down life's road, He will be there to help us with our heavy load.
We know one day this will all end, Because an all new life we will begin.

Caught Up PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:19

Soon I will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.
No more sickness, suffering, or despair.
Maybe even death I will not see, Because to my new home He is taking me.
Then, things will never be the way they were, You will not find me here, anywhere.
Because I will be caught up, I will be over there, Nothing here can compare.
We will be gone in the twinkling of an eye, There will no longer be a need for a goodbye.
Get ready for your reward now,
It will be so wonderful you might say wow.
When He comes no time to repent, After those that are ready He is sent.
I am looking for Him to come most any day, Gravity can't hold me, I will be caught away.
He will be coming for those that are looking, Christ has already taken care of my booking.
Have you made preparations, is your name in God's book, One day He will take a look.
Heaven is a place all should want to go.
But a personal relationship with Jesus you must know.
A wonderful place that must be,
And He has a place prepared there for you and me.
He will be coming back one day.
Will you be caught up, or here will you stay?
I will not worry about those things I left behind, Because great things for me God has in mind.

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