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Sunday, 29 June 2008 03:03

I did not know what lay ahead for me today,
But God guided me each step of the way.
I made up my mind to fight, and not just sit…
I made it.

If I need help to make it, though heavy may be the cross,
I will have the help I need; I will never be at a loss.
Being a loser I am not, I did not quit…
I made it.

When my temptations come, and I am tried,
God was there, His face from me He did not hide.
In this day of need, my life to You I submit…
I made it.

If the river I crossed seems so wide
Jesus says I will be there by your side.
He gave me the strength and the grit…
I made it.

The battle was on every side, the way seemed barred,
I have a reputation to uphold, it must not be marred.
The battle I won, I escaped the snares and the pit…
I made it.

The storm is raging without and within,
Will I make it, is my endurance wearing thin?
I haven’t come this far just to quit?
I made it.

You also might have to face the stormy sea,
Christ says, “Be not afraid, with you I will be”.
You can overcome, this power from God you get…
You made it.

If I live until the rapture takes place,
Each day I was kept by His grace.
So when by His resurrection power I am hit,
Then I can truly say I made it.

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God, Where Are You? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 03:02

It has been so long since Your glory has been shown?
Why must I face these mountains all alone?
All these battles just seem to abound.
Where are You, where is Your out-stretched hand?

Where were You God when I was in need?
Why did You not come at my plead?
When I called, why did You not heed?
Where were You, when I was in need?

At times we feel all alone?
God, where are You are You never home?
Are You always on the go?
Do I have to continue to look and hunt, is it so?

God, are You really so far away,
That You can’t hear me when I pray?
Don’t You see all these things keep piling up?
Won’t You please come and empty this cup?

Now God, before I complain too much,
Just realize I am but human and need a touch.
A touch from that precious hand;
That hand that suffered wrong in our land.

God, this dry spell seemed so long,
I didn’t always feel like singing a song.
But You did come just in time,
And gave me little phrases that would rhyme.

Now God, thank You that this season is finished,
And that my dry soul is replenished.
It seemed You were not early but You were never late,
To keep Your appointment, to keep Your date.

Now God, I realize You were never far away.
When I prayed You heard me every day.
Lord, forgive me for the way I felt,
Now, let my heart before You melt.

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