Vinson Christian Poems
The Early Years PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:19
He left the splendor of heaven to come to this earth.
We rejoice because of His birth.
He was born with the animals in a stable.
Without His birth and death salvation would not be available.
He was born in the little town of Bethlehem.
His beginning was not of this realm.
But there was a reason for Him to be born.
One day, He would talk about sowing wheat and com.
There was a wicked king that wanted Him to die.
God didn't permit it, but the king sure did try.
Wise men came and gave Him their wealth,
One day He would heal and give people back their health.
But to Egypt with Joseph and Mary He did flee, For His safety there He must be.
lt would be a long way back.
With only a donkey and a few things in a pack.
1 wonder about Him when He was a little boy. Did He play and have fun; did He have a toy?
Did He have plenty at age five or six,
Or was He like me, playing with rocks and sticks?
Did He have friends that with them He would play, Or did He go and talk with God and pray?
Did He know one day from sin He would set me free? Was He seeing things of God the way they would be?
In body He began to grow.
Things that would happen when He got older, did He know?
What were His thoughts at nine or ten?
Did He know one day His ministry would begin?
At age twelve He could confound the doctors of the law. Could He now see ahead, could He realize what he saw?
"I must be about My Father's business," to His parents He said.
The Scriptures concerning Him He must have read.
At age twelve could He see on a cross He would die? Could He see in someone else's tomb He would lie?
At age twelve could He see He would die for me?
Could He realize the agony He would suffer on that tree?
Adam and Jesus PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:18
Out of the dust God created man, Only one tree in the garden was there a ban. Adam was created by God Almighty's hand He put him in the garden in a fruitful land.
Just tend the garden to Adam God did say, And came to walk with him in the cool of the day.
I wish I knew how long innocence did last, There is no longer innocence, all that has now past.
Adam could have lived forever,
But eating the forbidden fruit, their relationship he did sever.
Now in sin man would be,
He brought death to all, even to you and me.
Would he do differently if he could start again?
God had a plan, in Christ it had to begin.
Now there is no other choice God could make, The Son of Man had to come and die for man's sake.
Adam was created to live forever,
Did God have in mind for him to die?-no never.
Jesus the second Adam was born to die, Because Adam just went along with the lie.
In Christ we are dead to sin, In Him over death we shall win.
The apostles were there, His word they heard, Now we must believe what is written, it is His word.
There is no other, Christ said "I am the way".
Come to Him, make your decision today.
In preaching the gospel Christ was very bold.
His is the greatest story ... the greatest story ever told.
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