Vinson Christian Poems
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Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:24
You can have joy in your darkest hour,
And when satan comes against you with all his power.
Happiness can go, but joy you have always, Even to the end of days.
Joy is there when you are sad. Joy is there when you are glad.
Joy doesn't leave because of circumstances, And joy is not there just because of chances.
Joy is there when things go wrong,
In your heart there is still joy, and a song.
Noone is able to take your joy from you.
Joy stays when the devil does all to you he can do.
Know in your heart there will be joy today, Share it with someone along the way. Just let joy reign in your heart today, Because joy is there to stay.
In life there will be sorrow as you go along, But joy will put in your heart a new song.
Don't worry about tomorrow,
Joy doesn't leave in time of your sorrow.
If joy you have not received,
I received it when on Him I believed.
For our sin's He died, but is now alive.
Come to Him, He will give you joy that will survive.
There is joy when you are up, Full and running over is your cup.
There is joy when you are down, Because joy always does abound.
Never Ending Storms PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:21
The storms of life have beaten me down. And they continue to pound and pound.
And the storms of time have taken their toll on me.
Surely Lord all this can't be hid from Thee.
The waters are getting so high, And from me You go and hide, why?
How much more of this can I take?
I know I am not dreaming; I am wide awake.
The storms just keep coming.
And the sound of more keeps rumbling.
Won't the time ever come when these storms end?
Tell me Lord, on whom but You can I depend?
Lord, is there ever going to be a moment of relief?
I will take it even if it is very brief.
I wonder if it is worth even being alive.
Because I don't know if I will survive.
Oh how I wish these storms would cease.
Every day they just seem to increase.
There seems to be no let-up to them at all.
Lord, somewhere did I miss Your call?
Give me the strength to continue while these storms beat.
And to face them, never retreat.
The storms that lie ahead that I still must face.
I pray if only one day at a time You will give me grace.
If I go to be with You before these storms end, A helping hand I know You will lend.
I know for me You have always been here.
When I thought You were far away, You were always near.
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