Vinson Christian Poems
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Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:28
Is there a purpose you were born?
To know Gods will, even when old and worn, You are someone special, God loves you.
There is no one like you; God has a job to do.
There is so much yet to do.
Whether little or much it is required of me and you, Did we take the time each day to read and pray?
So you can be a blessing to someone today.
There are many people that need someone to say, God loves you, could I pray with you today?
There are some that just a hug will do.
You say I have no talent, God can still use you.
There is always the poor among us,
And if God wants us to help them do we put up a fuss, Ifwe don't want to do the small things God might ask, How could He trust us with a larger task?
Is there something God has placed on your heart to do? Don't forget God has a purpose; He has a plan for you, You are the only one that can fulfill that plan,
You can do it, I know you can.
I believe there was a purpose for words that would rhyme, They say God loves them, and He cares all the time.
So I write down the words God gives to me,
Then I pray it would get to the one God meant for it to be.
Yes there is a purpose God has for you, God will always reveal His will too.
Fulfill the plan God has for you,
God will help you do the job, the job you are to do.
Holy Spirit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:25
Thank You for the Holy Spirit, He is always near, And when I need Him most, He says: "I am here."
When hope seems to be slipping away,
He comes and replaces even more for that day.
Holy Spirit, I am glad You dwell within, With You in my heart there is no room for sin.
Day by day, You show me the way, You reveal to me my directions for the day.
The strong hold that I was facing today, Holy Spirit, You help each day to find my way.
I want to listen to what You have to say,
So I can help someone You place in my path today.
Holy Spirit, You know the need for speed, In this world of doubt and greed. Can't we see there is such a need?
The world with the gospel, we must feed?
There is much more yet to do, And some of it is for me and you.
There is a race to be run.
At the finish line are the Father and the Son.
Thank You for keeping me on the path I must go, Your will for my life I want to know.
If someone does slip or fall along the way, Help me to help them, to begin a new day.
Holy Spirit, You are welcome in me, Because without You nothing would I be.
The things of Christ You reveal,
And to our hearts God's word You make real.
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