Vinson Christian Poems
He Always Knew PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:32
When I was unlovable You were there; When I deserved judgment, You were always fair, All I deserved was hell.
My spirit You healed, now I am well.
When I was in sin You set me free.
When I did not love You, You came to me. You loved me so, with me You want to be.
My eyes You opened that I might see.
Lord, from You my sins I tried to hide.
While in sin, You could not come in and abide.
You saw what I was trying to do,
But You said if you repent I will come to you.
I know my ungodly ways grieved You so, And every sin of mine You did always know.
I could never hide them from You,
You changed my life; show me what You want to do.
Even my thoughts You always knew, My spirit You always wanted to renew.
Why did I wait so long to hear Your voice?
Why did I wait so long to make You my choice?
All the secret things I did; From You I could not keep them hid. My ungodly ways You always knew, Repent, that's all You said I must do.
Lord, thank You for what You did for me, So I can be all You want me to be.
Help me to walk humbly before Thee, There are many I must tell; it is required of me.
The Creation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:29
Is there anything too hard for Me?
On the sixth day, did not I create thee?
Study the body and you will see,
I created you, the way I wanted you to be.
Were you there when I made the mountains?
And caused to flow the streams and the fountains, Who created the mighty trees,
And a purpose for the great seas.
I spoke and there were plains and fields,
The trees and plants, their fruits they began to yield.
The mighty creatures of the oceans I also made.
And the foundations of the worlds I laid.
I flung the stars out from My fingertips,
And commanded them to stay in place by My lips.
The sun and moon I hung in space, They also by My words stayed in their place.
By faith I saw and then did all I wanted to do.
For Me this was no problem, all this I did for you. I planted a garden; there was food and even gold.
These things in My word are told.
He put man in this garden of more than enough, His toils would not have been rough.
If only things would have stayed the way they were, Other things needed God would have caused it to occur.
For man God created the earth,
We don't know when, we just know of its birth.
But Adam gave this earth of ours over to satan and sin, Oh, if it would have stayed the way it had been.
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