Vinson Christian Poems
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Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:35
I know when you hurt, The evil that comes I avert.
I know when things are bad, And the hard times you have had.
I know when you are awake and want to sleep, Be not disheartened, you, I safely keep.
I know of the worries you are going through, And your disappointments, too.
I know of the times you are upset with Me, And the way you wish things would be.
I know you wish a change I would make, And all your troubles from you take.
I know you think what more can go wrong?
Why have You let this go on so long?
I know you wish the rapture would take place, So tomorrow you would not have to face.
I know you think I am not answering when you pray, That I am not listening to what you say.
You think your troubles must have gotten too big for Me, Everything you go through I know and see.
I know there are things you wish you knew, And things you would like to forget, too.
Heaven that you have longed for you will see, Then no more suffering there will be.
I know what you have been through,
I understand; I had My time of suffering too.
When on your face you fall down flat, The devil still didn't win, God saw to that.
The Latter Years PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:35
At age thirty, Jesus' ministry did begin.
He would preach His message over and over again.
He healed the sick, raise the dead, preach the gospel to the poor.
His mission in life has began, this we know for sure.
Now He began to walk the shores of Galilee,
He chose two brothers, then two more, that with Him would be.
Several others He did also choose, And of the twelve only one did He lose.
He was mighty in the word and in deed.
And from little the multitudes He did feed.
He came to seek and to save those that were lost, But to do so, it would be at a great cost.
Money from the mouth of a fish, His taxes were paid.
And the people found life by the statements that He made.
He walked with God in faith and in power,
He must do all the Father sent Him to do, this was His hour.
All that came to him He gladly met,
The water of life, the women at the well did get.
He lay sleeping in the bottom of the ship, Him they awoke.
And the stormy sea He calmed, by the words He spoke.
Jesus was always going about doing good,
But doubt and unbelief kept Him from doing all He could. But to others He would say, thy faith has made you whole, Then He was able to touch them body and soul.
He marveled at their unbelief and doubt.
And He preached, "Repent" He would shout.
Signs, wonders, and miracles Jesus did.
And the good news from the multitudes was not hid.
The hour has now come for Him to die, The truth He had preached, he did not lie.
The price was death. It must be paid.
Now the sacrifice for sin has been made.
His death is not the end of this story, He has returned to all his power, And to all his former glory.
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