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Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:39
Love has always been.
Love rejoices when, a new life, you begin.
Love does not seek its own.
Love never leaves you alone.
Love will be with you all the way;
Through your ups and downs, through your every day.
Love is there when things go wrong; When you are weak and when you are strong.
Love stands up for what is right.
Love will help you through your longest night.
Love stays close when friends forsake you.
Love will be there while waiting for your breakthrough.
Love never fails.
Love will guide you when the storms of life assails.
Love will get you through your darkest hour.
Love is a mighty power.
Love is there when you get old.
Love will keep you until, Christ's face, you behold.
You can even love your enemy.
Try God's love, you will see.
Love is manifested in our lives each day; By the way we act what we do and say.
Love like this was never known,
Until Jesus left all His glory and His throne.
Love was shown on the cross when Jesus died.
Of His love, the prophets testified.
Each day His love, with us, He shares. It just shows how very much He cares.
Why PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:37
Why, Lord, has it been so long since from You I heard?
Why is this not somewhere mentioned in Your Word?
Why, to me, do You no longer talk?
Why won't You come and with me, walk?
Why do You stay so far away?
Why won't You come and visit me today? Why do You no longer say, "I love you?"
Why is there nothing more You will do?
Why do I feel so helpless and down?
Why is it You no longer come around?
Why won't You, once again, lift me up?
Why can't I drink from Your refreshing cup?
Why do I have to walk this path alone?
Why can't a little 'of Your joy be shown?
Why do You not listen when I ask?
Why is just living becoming such a task?
Why is it You no longer care about me?
Why is this the way things must be?
Why is there no answer when I pray? Why is the answer never now, today?
Why don't You touch my hurting soul?
Why is all this taking its toll?
Why is there nothing when, after You, I yearn?
Why do You not show me of Your concern?
"I have seen everything you have gone through.
Not for one minute, alone, have I left you.
I have seen your every 'why'.
That is why I came to give you life, grace and to die."
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