By Faith PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:17

By faith the worlds were made,
The trees blossomed and gave us fruit and shade. By faith the sun was created and it gives us light, And it separated day from night.
By faith all things in their orbit turn,
So much about Gods creation we still learn.
By faith God hung the worlds in space, By faith each one stays in its place.
The heavens are of old,
How all this began in Gods word we are told.
Each day the sun and moon go down, Each morning they come back around.
By faith God saw everything that is, He created man just for His.
By faith He created everything He should, He looked and saw that it was good.
By faith Adam was created from dust, If only in God he had kept his trust.
We wouldn't be in the mess we are now in, Because there would be no sin.
By faith children would be born,
But because of sin they grow old and worn.
By faith God knew Adam would sin, Now there is death where life once had been.
By faith we believe Jesus died on that tree, By faith from sin we have been set free.
By faith we believe He rose from the dead, By faith we will be raised up just like He said.