Tangled In Satan's Web PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:13

I know You came to this earth to die, But I sometimes wonder why.
You could have created another race, Then death You would not have to face.
The earth now had sin, so create another place And a people that would obey, not spit in Your face.
But You chose to keep this one, now You would have to die To save a people that about You would lie.
You told Adam what not to do, But he did not listen to You.
Sin changed the whole situation, But You still loved Your creation.
You saw the state man was in, All because of Adam's sin.
It shouldn't have turned out this way.
The penalty for sin You now had to pay.
Man was at his lowest ebb, Bound by sin, tangled in satan's web.
You came to die and forgive,
So those under the penalty of death could live.
Man, himself he could not save.
It took the spotless Son of God, His life He gave.
This is the only sacrifice you will ever need.
You now can have life if God's Word you heed.
Jesus wants to turn your life around, To sin you no longer have to be bound.
From the lowest of low He will lift you up, Because He already drank from that awful cup.