Coming Back PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:14

Because of sin Jesus died, He rose, now He is glorified.
On the cross His blood was shed.
After three days God raised Him from the dead.
To the poor the gospel was preached.
And to the sick and suffering He reached.
In our time of hurts Jesus cares, When we call He hears.
The reason Jesus died, I am to blame, To change lives like mine, is why He came. He then told His disciples I must go away, But I will come back one day.
In our hearts Jesus now lives, And when we grieve Him He forgives.
He's alive and never more to die, Soon He will be coming back in the sky.
Jesus is the same, He still heals, And to us His will He revels.
One day He is coming back for me, Then His face I will finally get to see.
On the cross Jesus cried, Father forgive them, then He died.
By His death we are set free, One day with Him we will forever be.
Many times Jesus went away alone and prayed, And in His Fathers will He always stayed.
On the throne beside the Father He now sits, For us the devil He always outwits.