He is Faithful and Just PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:24

Is it possible Jesus could come today?
He just may.
Could you welcome Him back and say?
Yes Lord, I am ready come today.
I made my decision for Christ in my late teens.
Now make Him your decision by all means.
Into His hands put now your trust,
You won't be disappointed, He is faithful and just.
Christ wants you to be part of His family too, But the decision He leaves up to you.
In Heaven He wants to prepare for you a place, And give you eternal life by His love and grace.
Life's pathway He doesn't want you to walk alone, His love for you He has already shown. Eternal things He wants to give to you,
But you must want them too.
Don't think you are so bad He won't forgive. When you repent, a new life you begin to live.
He wants to give to you life and more,
A mansion will be waiting on that Heavenly shore.
In Him is not a life of fear,
He is a friend, who is always near.
You can talk to him as a dear friend, And have a relationship that will never end.
He is waiting for you to come to Him now, One day before Him all must bow.
Soon He will be coming back for His own, So come go with me to our Heavenly home.