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Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:32

In You, Lord, I now delight.
I have found the way that is right.
Because You forgave me of a life of sin, Now You give me grace to overcome and win.
Now I do those things You ask of me.
You taught me what You want me to be.
I seek those things that are of Thee.
To love others, that's what You require of me.
I have always trusted in my own way.
I did until today.
I thought things, if I had" I had succeeded.
But what was most important I had not heeded.
Why were things so important to me? Why couldn't I open my eyes and see?
Great, I thought things would make me.
Until the day I met Thee.
Life didn't turn out the way I thought.
Things, not Christ I sought.
Things, did not lead me into righteousness and grace.
Or prepare me to meet the Just One I must face.
After all this time in sin, I now see, It was You I always needed, not me.
I can't make the changes I need, so I turn to Thee.
I now know where my trust should be.
What advice now would I give? Give your life to Christ and live. He will give what you never had.
It is always good, never bad.