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Written by Philip C. Vinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 17:27

There are thoughts that are good.
Thoughts that are not.
Thoughts on how others we might blame, Thoughts that glorify Thy Name.
Thoughts that reach the highest Heaven, Thoughts that are of the lowest hell.
Thoughts that should never be, Thoughts to worship Thee.
Thoughts that others never know, Thoughts that only friends you let know.
Thoughts that would be embarrassing if anyone knew, Thoughts of praise Lord to You.
Thoughts you wouldn't want the Lord to know, Thoughts that are bad for you. Thoughts that will lift you up,
And thoughts that are corrupt.
Thoughts you want to express, Thoughts you want to depress.
Thoughts you wish you had never thought, Thoughts of the one who salvation brought.
Thoughts that do you harm, Thoughts that should cause you alarm.
Thoughts to bless,
And thoughts we need to confess.
Thoughts about my Lord and me, Thoughts about how salvation came to be.
Thoughts of seeing the One who died for me, Thoughts of being with Christ for all eternity.